Field Trips 

Field Trips are organised to provide hands on experience, networking opportunities and capacity building for people who work to improve our waterways. If you are interested in participating in or co-hosting a field trip please contact us. 


Healthy Waterways works with our members to educate on the condition and value of waterways and develop initiatives to help build strong, connected communities that actively value, engage with and care for the waterways of South East Queensland.

We work with our members to:

  • Report on and promote waterway stewardship (volunteerism)
  • Design and implement interventions to influence and change targeted community behaviours
  • Educate and actively engage communities on the range of values and benefits that a healthy waterway provides
  • Inform and activate more connected communities around waterways, improving community health and wellbeing.

Together with our members we deliver the following key programs: 

Our Clean Up Program collects floating litter from four waterways and has operated for over fourteen years in South East Queensland. We also empower individuals to reduce their personal plastic footprint through joining our Plastic Pollution Revolution!

Our Behaviour Change Campaigns are designed to improve waterway health and are based on a rigorous social marketing approach that aims to influence and change targeted behaviours:

Up the Creek and Down the Drain is an Australian Curriculum aligned education unit that uses a storythread approach to engage schools and the broader community to achieve local waterway health improvements and community cohesiveness.

Connect to Your Creek Week delivers a range of waterway events such as creek walks, canoe tours, tree plantings and bike trails providing people with the opportunity to connect with their local creek.

Social Monitoring Program assesses the socio-economic benefits that waterways provide. This enables us to understand and report on the extent that society is willing, able and behaving in ways that protect and support waterways.


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Connect to Your Creek

Healthy Waterways' annual Connect to Your Creek Week encourages South East Queenslanders to get outdoors and enjoy their local waterways.

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What You Can Do

Whether you are an individual, land owner, community group, local business or corporation, we all have a role to play in protecting and improving the health of our waterways. There a number of things you can do around your home or business and within your local community.

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