What You Can Do 

Whether you are an individual, land owner, community group, local business or major corporation, we all have a role to play in protecting and improving the health of our waterways. There a number of things you can do around your home or business and within your local community.

As an Individual 

In Your Home 

  • Never pour household chemicals such as oil and paint into gutters or down drains
  • Choose eco-friendly, low phosphorous household cleaning products
  • Conserve water and filter stormwater by building a raingarden
  • Reduce use of plastic, reuse items and recycle as much as possible
  • Choose reusable shopping bags
  • Use a refillable drink bottle

In Your Garden

  • Minimise use of chemicals and avoid applying fertilisers or pesticides if rain is expected
  • Plant more native shrubs and trees
  • Mulch your garden beds to reduce run off
  • Wash your car on the lawn
  • Sweep up dirt and mud rather than hose it down the drain

In the Community

  • Remove litter
  • Organise or volunteer for a local community cleanup event
  • Become a plastic bag free community
  • Learn about or join your local catchment group
  • Organise a native tree planting event
  • Report construction site run-off to your local council
  • Report illegal dumping
  • Volunteer on Clean Up Australia Day

On the Land

Tips to help manage erosion and reduce the amount of mud entering local waterways:

  • Plant native vegetation along waterways and around production areas
  • Fence off riverbanks and provide off stream watering points to limit animal access to local
  • Retain soil cover by mulching and cover stockpiled soils to prevent soil being transported into waterways by wind or rain
  • Revegetate cleared land as soon as possible
  • Seek property management advice from SEQ Catchments or your local council

Buy a reusable bottle 

Help keep our waterways clear from plastic pollution by purchasing a unique Healthy Waterways reusable bottle. 

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Join a Community Group

Find out about the projects undertaken by local landholders and community groups in your local catchment area to protect and improve our waterways, and how you can get involved.  

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