2018 Partners

Healthy Land and Water gratefully acknowledges the following organisations as sponsors of the 19th Annual Healthy Land and Water Awards. Without the support of these organisations, the Healthy Land and Water Awards would not be possible.


Gold Partner


“As custodians of Queensland’s land and waterways, the Department of Environment and Science is proud to support the Minister’s Grand Prize - an award given to the most innovative category winner for their valuable work protecting and repairing the natural environment.”



Silver Partners


"Seqwater is proud to support the Healthy Land and Water Awards. Through the South East Queensland Water Grid, we provide a safe, secure and cost-effective water supply to more than three million people across the region. Protecting our precious drinking water starts at the source—our catchments. We take a partnership approach, working with landholders, community groups, non-government organisations, other utilities and all levels of government to invest in catchment improvements, and to engage and educate people about the water cycle and caring for our land and water. We are particularly pleased to celebrate the achievements of inspirational young leaders who have contributed to protecting and improving our land and waterways through the Youth Environment Champion Award.”


“As a proud member of Healthy Land and Water, Unitywater is delighted to sponsor the Sustainable Water Management Award and recognise projects which demonstrate best practice sustainable water management and environmental practices.”              



“Queensland Urban Utilities is delighted to continue our involvement with the Healthy Land and Water Awards this year as sponsor of the Environmental Guardians Award – an award that recognises the community participation in the protection of our natural environment, including tree plantings, litter clean-up activities and prevention campaigns."


"Brisbane City Council is proud to recognise the efforts of young environment champions through the Healthy Land and Water Water Warrior Award. Their dedication to improve the health of our catchments will make a positive difference to the ecological health and liveability in local communities, now and into the future."


Radio Partner


"River 94.9 FM is thrilled to support the Volunteer of the Year Award and to truly shine light on those individuals making a substantial impact on the health of our land and waterways. With reaching a potential listenership of 1.6 million people, River 94.9 believes that encouraging and promoting the healthy use of our land and waterways is a vital message to share with the community."