Frequently Asked Question's


How many projects can I enter?
You may enter a maximum of 2 projects in the same or different categories. Each project will be judged independently.

Can I submit my project for multiple categories?
No, unfortunately, you can only submit your project once. Read through the Award category criteria to choose an Award which suits your project best.

What defines a group? 
A group is an organisation, local government or community group. 

What supporting documents are acceptable for my Award entry? 

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Letters of reference
  • Media releases
  • Maps

How many supporting documents can I submit?
A minimum of two and a maximum of four.

What are the file size requirements for attachments?
The maximum file size is 350MG.

Gala Dinner

When is the Awards Gala Dinner?
Friday 27 July 2018. 

How do I buy a table for the Awards Gala Dinner? 
To buy a table, contact Jaimie Robertson at