2018 Winner: Hall of Fame Award

Wayne Cameron

For thirty years, Wayne Cameron has dedicated his energy to protecting and improving the environment. His journey in environmental management started in New South Wales in the 1980s when he volunteered for a landcare group.

In the 1990s, Wayne settled in Queensland and in 1997 he was one of the founding members of Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee (B4C). In those early days, Wayne would work the late-night shift at his newspaper job and then volunteer his time during the day to B4C. It was a gruelling schedule, but it underlined Wayne’s commitment and passion to the environment.

Eventually, Wayne and his team’s hard work SAW BC4 establish itself as a trusted deliverer of important restoration work in Brisbane’s south-east region. The ongoing success and influence of B4C success allowed Wayne to transition into a full-time paid role as B4C president, where he oversaw all the organisation’s projects throughout the South East Queensland area and beyond. In that time, Wayne’s contributions to the environment have been immense. He played a key role in the stunning transformation of Bulimba Creek from a waste dump to a fish haven and was part of the successful fight against the damming of the Mary River.

In his time with B4C, Wayne has helped establish over a dozen community environment organisations and is a trusted and key advisor for many council and community communities focused on environmental management. Wayne Cameron deserves all the plaudits for his service to the environment and I am proud to announce him as the inaugural member of the Healthy Land and Water Hall of Fame.