2018 Winner: Sustainable Water Management Award


Seqwater Source Protection Partnership Program
South East Queensland

In 2015, Seqwater collaborated with six local landcare and catchment groups to develop the Seqwater Source Protection Partnership Program, an initiative aiming to improve water quality on private agriculture property in South East Queensland.

As a group who are responsible for providing the region’s drinking water supply, Seqwater was keen to draw on the knowledge, networks and relationships of the project partners to achieve meaningful, long-term solutions to water quality issues. The strength of the partnership and the long-term outlook improves funding security and empowers landholders to deliver on-ground land management of their agriculture properties, a key step in reducing risks to town water supply.

In valuing and encouraging skilled people already embedded in their communities, the project has strengthened community engagement in water quality issues and delivered significant milestones in the protection of South East Queensland’s water supply.