Finalist: Environmental Guardians Award

Rocky Waterholes Bushcare

Rocky Waterholes Creek Restoration Project
Salisbury, Brisbane

Rocky Waterholes Creek is a crucial natural vegetation and wildlife corridor in Salisbury, south of Brisbane. Since January 2017, Rocky Waterholes Bushcare has worked to revegetate and regenerate the corridor as part of its mission to create a native botanical haven amid suburbia. The group, which consists of 10 members, spent many weekends clearing noxious weeds, removing rubbish, strengthening creekbanks and planting over 2,700 native plants and trees.

As it works to create a nature habitat for local flora and fauna, Rocky Waterholes Bushcare engages heavily with the community to build support behind the project and educates residents about the environmental values of the corridor. The group works closely with other landcare groups in the region and regularly donates resources and expertise to as part of its ongoing mission to improve the natural assets of Salisbury and beyond.