Finalist: Water Warrior Award

Kenmore State High School P&C

KSHS Environment Restoration Program

Moggill Creek is greener, healthier and more stable thanks to the hard work of the Kenmore State High School Parents and Citizens Association. Since 2000, the group has worked to restore hundreds of metres of the natural embankments along Moggill Creek, a waterway which borders the school.

Over the years, thousands of native plants including figs and lomandras have been planted and nurtured along the creekbank until they were self-sufficient. The introduction of native plants along the creekbank has helped improve water quality, reduced the impact of pollutants and stormwater runoff and stabilised the banks helping to reduce the threat of erosion.

The school community helps maintain the restored creekbank and regularly removes exotic weeds and vegetation that restrict or smother the growth of advanced native plants. Eight nesting boxes have been installed on school grounds neighbouring the banks of the creek, and recent studies have shown native wildlife is returning to the habitat.