2018 Winner: Water Warrior Award

Hilder Road State School P&C

Fish Creek: Inspiring Lifelong Action
The Gap, Brisbane

In 2013, Hilder Road State School, in Brisbane’s north-west, began a mission to inspire the community to act and help protect the future of Fish Creek, a waterway adjoining the school. With the help of a custom-built website, students learn about their local environment and build an understanding of biodiversity and the importance of healthy waterways.

In 2017, the project began a new water quality testing initiative in which over 200 students monitored the water quality of the creek each month with the help of scientists. With a hands-on understanding of the creek, students were encouraged to take ownership of the waterway and helped develop ways to reduce litter and stormwater pollution. The project has helped mobilise the community and since 2013, 2072m of creekbank has been stabilised thanks to ongoing work to weed and replant the creekbank with local native species.