2018 Winner: Sustainable Agriculture Award

Dr Tim Heard

Native Stingless Bees for Pollination
Brisbane, Australia

Dr Tim Heard is a Brisbane-based entomologist and a long-time keeper and advocate for native bees. Since acquiring his first stingless bee hive in 1985, Dr Heard has developed a wealth of knowledge on native bees and is committed to understanding and solving problems in the protection and sustainable use of bees. Now managing over 500 hives throughout South East Queensland, Dr Heard works to improve hive design, enhance beekeeping techniques and optimise the extraction and preservation of bee colonies.

As part of his Native Stingless Bees for Pollination project, Dr Heard has applied his years of research and expertise to decipher how best to utilise bees for crop pollination. In recent years, Dr Heard has installed hives on many farms and experimented with the best way to introduce hives so that they perform at their best and maximise the pollination of agricultural crops.