Finalist: Sustainable Water Management Award

Brisbane City Council

Coorparoo Creek Park Project

In its quest to keep Brisbane clean and green, Brisbane City Council launched the Coorparoo Creek Park Project with the aim of creating an urban oasis for the enjoyment of residents and the benefit of the region's natural assets.

Prior to the reconstruction project, the area now known as Coorparoo Creek Park was a flood-prone industrial area that was known to leech contaminations into nearby waterways. Utilising sustainable water management principles, council redesignated the land as a park, removed contaminated earth and transformed the site into a community park and recreation area.

Since council completed the project in 2017, the amount of flood and industrial pollutants entering the waterway has significantly reduced and a redeveloped tidal water management system has helped rehabilitate freshwater and estuarine habitats and create a desirable recreation area for the Coorparoo community.