2018 Winner: Science Innovation Award

Bob Luttrell

Stingless Bee Treasure: Pure Honey!
Samford Valley

When Moreton Bay man Bob Luttrell was a young boy, he rescued a bee colony from a tree that was due to be cleared for development. It was an experience that sparked Bob’s lifelong commitment to protect and care for bees. Over the years, Bob has become well-known as 'Bob The Bee Man', the local expert and fountain of knowledge on all things bee-related. In recent times, Bob has dedicated much of his focus towards stingless bees and educating the community on their importance to biodiversity.

Bob’s own garden houses over 300 stingless bee colonies, and he has utilised his experience to develop and produce a honey frame designed to harvest clean, clear honey without sacrificing bees or quality. Bob works closely with other beekeepers and is regularly called upon to rescue and rehouse colonies in danger as part of his mission to ensure stingless bees remain healthy and prolific in South East Queensland.