Finalist: Government Stewardship Award

Ipswich City Council, Bligh Tanner, Landscapology

Design Your Creek Week
Raceview, Ipswich

Design Your Creek Week was an ambitious co-design process to turn Small Creek, a 1.6km length of concrete channel, back into a living waterway. It empowered the local community to be designers and through the involvement of students at Bremer State High School, has fostered a new generation of waterway champions. 

This water quality offset project aims to reduce pollutant loads entering receiving waterways and the revegetation of the waterway will assist to reduce erosion and provide habitat for returning wildlife, fish and other aquatic species. 

By engaging the community and stakeholders through the process, the project instilled a conservation ethic and understanding of waterway processes that will have flow on benefits across the region and into the future.