Finalist: Sustainable Agriculture Award

Wild Mountains Trust

Camp Creek Headwaters Renewal Project: Stage 2
Running Creek, Scenic Rim

Driven and supported by passionate volunteers, Wild Mountains Trust has worked to restore healthy waterways for the headwaters of Camp Creek, improving the integrity of the forest communities and biodiversity of species across the catchment.

In 2015, over 150 volunteers removed lantana weeds and replanted over 500 young trees grown from locally collected seed to revegetate and renew Camp Creek Headwaters.  

Wild Mountains has hosted numerous volunteer weeks and programs throughout the year to encourage and empower the community to engage with and protect the Camp Creek Catchment.

Through their work, Wild Mountains has created a central hub for community engagement and gatherings. The group has empowered 72 university students and 65 volunteers through opportunities for collaboration, team building, professional growth and sharing scientific knowledge.