Finalist: Sustainable Water Management Award

Boral Construction Materials and Cement Queensland

Riparian Corridor Restoration and Stormwater Management

Boral Construction Materials and Cement Queensland works closely with its stakeholders to maintain the environmental and community value of the Pimpama Creek Corridor.

Boral developed a comprehensive and coordinated program of works that would restore over 12 hectares of the Pimpama Creek riparian corridor on its site to a pre-clearing remnant condition.

In 2015, this involved:

  • Building a major stormwater management infrastructure on Boral's quarry site and planting 25,500 endemic seedling to improve water quality and the environment of the Pimpama Creek.
  • Undertaking riparian corridor restoration works which involved native seed collection from the site and surrounding area and nursery propagation of around 28,000 seedlings.  
  • Maintaining 20 years of partnership with Landcare to achieve a continuous riparian zone along the upper reaches of the Pimpama River, improving waterway health and providing a wildlife corridor.