2015 Winner: Sustainable Education Award

Tangalooma EcoMarines Foundation

The Tangalooma EcoMarines Primary School Program

The Tangalooma EcoMarines Primary School Program helps young people become true leaders in protecting Moreton Bay. In 2014, the Foundation worked with students to undertake cleanup activities, reduce plastic waste and promote the use of reusable water bottles. 

How It Works

The Support Teacher assigns Student Ambassadors and assists the team throughout the school year.

Student Ambassadors complete challenges given to them to help clean up waterways, spread the word and help make a difference to protecting local marine and wildlife.

The Support Teacher and Student Ambassadors have FREE access to Resource Kits that are full of videos messages just for the Ambassadors, videos to play at Parades and videos to include in school e-newsletters.

Challenges include 'Spread the Word', 'Adopt a Shop', 'Adopt a Street', 'Adopt a Creek', 'Ban the Balloon', 'Community Participation', 'Screening of Bag It Documentary', 'Turn to Tap', 'Make Your Fete Eco-Friendly', 'Happy Clean Halloween', 'Go Green for EcoMarines', 'The Last Sunday Club' and 'Create Your Own Challenge'.