Walaman Fishways and partners

Prefabricated fishway system for small waterway structures

The prefabricated fishway system, developed by Walaman Fishways, CM Concrete Products and James Cook University, provides a major breakthrough in improving the ecological health of waterways. Aquatic fauna connectivity is provided at road culverts and other waterway structures, with a ready-made facility that enables designers to overcome fish migration barrier problems, such as high velocity, shallow water depth andwater surface drop.

Design development of Walaman products with industry partners has ensured that practical aspects of fishway fabrication, construction and management have been incorporated into the system. Initial application at a site in Enoggera Creek has demonstrated the effectiveness of the fishway in passing a diverse range of native fish species.

The development of these fish passage facilities will contribute substantially to achieveing healthier ecosystems and waterways. These initiatives provide for multipurpose goals relating – not only to utilitarian values of drainage, flood and erosion control – but also to water quality, water harvesting and reuse, amenity and ecological values.