Unitywater, John Holland Group and MWH

Murrumba STP Alliance

Unitywater identified a strategically planned upgrade to the Murrumba Downs Sewage Treatment Plant, or STP, as the solution to lack of water supply. This upgrade fulfilled Unitywater’s obligations under the Regional Drought Strategy and also provided an opportunity to improve the environmental performance of the STP.

The Murrumba STP Alliance - Unitywater, John Holland Group and MWH - designed, constructed and commissioned the project, which involved:

  •  an advanced Water Treatment Plant to deliver four mega litres of Class A+ recycled water for industrial reuse; and
  •  an upgrade to the existing STP to provide for population growth and improve discharge effluent quality.

Due to a consolidated team effort, the program was a success and delivered significant outcomes including:

  •  reducing the volume of treated effluent discharged into Pine Estuary by 4 Megalitres per day
  •  saving the equivalent of 28,000 people’s water use per day; and
  •  reducing the volume of phosphorus discharged into the Pine Estuary by 77 percent.