SEQ Water

Safegaurding the Origins of Life on Land - Seqwater Lungfish Management Program

Following an extended period of drought, flood releases at North Pine and Somerset Dams in 2009 resulted in a number of lungfish deaths during flood operations.  Seqwater responded proactively to this situation by developing a range of short and long term strategies and actions under a comprehensive Lungfish Management Program. The Program was aimed to minimise impacts from dam operations on lungfish populations and further our knowledge of lungfish to support the long term sustainable management of this protected species. 

The Lungfish Management Program has been working to significantly reduce accidental lungfish deaths as a result of dam flood releases. Research continues to investigate alternative fish kill prevention options and to understand the implications of accidental deaths on the long term viability of the SEQ lungfish populations.

The program has lead to numerous achievements including fish recovery procedures for North Pine, Somerset and Wivenhoe Dams, as well as the provision of dedicated equipment for fish recovery processes.