2011 Winner: Sustainable Agriculture Award

SEQ Catchments and Partners

Rosevale Floodplain Reinstatement and Land Management Project

The Rosevale Wetland Reinstatement and Land Management Project, developed by SEQ Catchments and partners, involves working with the community in the Rosevale region, delivering on-ground projects to improve water quality in local waterways and ultimately Moreton Bay.

There are eight technical experts, project managers and landholders directly involved in the project, with support from an additional 30 people including the local committee.

Project outcomes have been achieved through a variety of land management practices such as land type and riparian fencing, revegetation and gully rehabilitation. The project also addresses objectives in the Upper Bremer Healthy Country Waterways Restoration Project.

Major components of the project include:

  • the reinstatement of an 800 metre long wetland, covering 28 hectares  through collaboration between two neighbouring properties
  • approximately 285 hectares of land now under improved land management practices for water quality outcomes through pasture improvement and changed management.