Reef Check Australia (RCA)

Community-based monitoring and protection of South East Queensland's rocky reefs

Reef Check Australia (RCA) is an award-winning not-for-profit organisation empowering people to save Australia's reefs and oceans through scientific research, community education and personal marine conservation efforts. They are the only global program that engages snorkelers and divers in the collection of scientific data for improved management and protection of reef resources.

More than 600 volunteer hours were spent to help protect South East Queensland’s rocky reefs. This included:

  •  completing 18 reef health monitoring surveys;
  •  developing new educational materials including the running of three training courses welcoming 20 new volunteers; and
  •  launching an effort to help facilitate community connections with local South East Queensland reefs.

The project is designed to build capacity within the community by educating members of the public about local and global ocean issues, making people aware of reef threats and providing opportunities to actively participate in marine monitoring and conservation.