2011 Winner: Government Stewardship Award

Redland City Council

Waterways Extension Program

As part of their Waterways Extension Program, Redland City Council has partnered with landholders for waterway recovery. The Program has involved monitoring and investigation, community engagement, building rapport and developing partnerships to deliver on-ground outcomes.

47 Landholders are actively involved in the program resulting in a number of on-ground restoration works including:

  •  revegetation of  in-stream and riparian vegetation;
  •  repairs to failing septic systems; and
  •  bank stabilisation and erosion control of creek banks, pastures and dam spillways.

A number of successful restoration trials have been completed or are underway including:

  •  monthly water quality monitoring of 15 farm dams to determine their impact on creek water quality;
  •  construction of 9 manure containment compounds on private property to prevent manure washing into the creeks; and
  •  a native fish breeding program to boost local populations and biodiversity.