2011 Winner: Lifetime Achievement Award

Professor Bill Dennison

Professor Bill Dennison is a scientist and communicator whose heart beats at one with Healthy Waterways, being a  part of the group that established Healthy Waterways and its Vision.

Bill’s commitment to Moreton Bay and the reviving health of its waterways has not diminished one iota. His commitment is as strong now as it was in the peak of his involvement in the 1990s. His timely sabbatical visit and media engagement regarding the impact of the January 2011 floods demonstrates his ongoing ability to deliver science to the community and to engender support for the objectives. Through his activities, Bill seeks to empower decision makers and reinvigorate the cause. He sees a bright future for Moreton Bay and is as determined as ever to drive towards the Healthy Waterways Vision.

Bill’s 10 year inspirational, politically astute and scientifically driven leadership has fundamentally changed the way we regard Moreton Bay and our waterways, as well as the readiness with which we can access information about their status. Bill continues to bring water quality science to people through conceptual diagrams, books, web sources and report cards that are now essential tools in water quality assessment and reporting. He has developed important scientific monitoring methods that allow us to track the environmental outcomes of changes in our management practices.