Noosa Integrated Catchment Association

Stormwater Monitoring & Education Project

The Noosa & Cooroy Stormwater Monitoring & Education Project was designed by the Noosa Integrated Catchment Association to tackle the most significant potential source of waterway pollution in the Noosa Biosphere - stormwater runoff. It consisted of water quality monitoring, mapping, litter audits and photo monitoring of local stormwater sites as well as a series of educational activities targeted at local school students and local businesses.

Physical and chemical water quality parameters at 11 priority sites in Noosa and Cooroy were monitored on a monthly basis providing valuable baseline data. Specific issues such as sediment build up, organic litter accumulation, surrounding weed invasion, erosion and plastic litter were also identified at each site.

The stormwater information and education program was implemented simultaneously to assess potential impacts from individual businesses in the Noosa River catchment and provide advice of legal responsibility in relation to stormwater quality. A stormwater information brochure, stormwater awareness survey and stencils of drain inlet structures were used to raise public awareness.