Night Eyes Association Inc

Caring for Pumicestone Passage and Caloundra Foreshores

The Caring for Pumicestone Passage and Caloundra Foreshores Program, run by Night Eyes Association Inc, involves the collaborative efforts of 250 volunteers and 60 junior school members actively removing rubbish from the waterways and foreshores every week of the year.

The Progam aims to educate the community about waterway litter and the untold damage it causes to our marinelife, birdlife and the environment. Local schools often request presentations by Night Eyes after this message is shared by the volunteers to the junior groups.

Throughout the year, various local schools engage Night Eyes to help with their “Days on the water”. In addition, each year a group of American students spend 2 days of each week for one month assisting Night Eyes and learning about the area.

The program also plays a vital role in identifying and locating injured wildlife or environmental vandalism.