Finalist: Sustainable Agriculture Award

Maroochy Waterwatch

10 years of Rehabilitation for Echidna Creek

Maroochy Waterwatch has been the lead agency coordinating the ongoing revegetation works at the Echidna Creek showcase site for over 10 years. 

The project has involved numerous collaborative partners  and encompasses a number of primary objectives including improving the natural environment for the immediate area, downstream reaches and receiving water bodies. These primary objectives were not only delivered but superseded social expectations and requirements.

The revegetation of Echidna Creek’s riparian zone has significantly improved water quality in a number of ways including:

  •  stablising water temperature levels through shading from the canopy;
  •  increasing soil stability, creating a buffer for nutrient runoff and greatly reducing erosion; and
  •  increasing the number of native fauna species.

Riparian extension works continue to this day and consist of over 4 kilometres of revegetation works.