Finalist: Sustainable Agriculture Award

Beaudesert Landcare

Rehabilitation of the Upper Reach of the Logan River

The rehabilitation of the Upper Reach of the Logan River was initiated by a cluster of farmers who sought help from SEQ Catchments to assist them in solving riparian erosion problems.

Beaudesert Landcare members acted as the conduit in bringing together the landholders of the Upper Logan River for discussion and Property Management Planning workshops to discuss sustainable catchment management practices.  The cohesiveness of the landholder group and their successful outcomes was built on fostering a community approach, seeking to involve all in determining priorities and in achieving a coordinated approach to work undertaken. 

Major achievements of the project include:

  •  water quality monitoring to establish benchmarks
  •  revegetation of riparian corridor at in-stream work sites; and
  •  development of a coordinated action approach to the health of the river.