2 Bent Rods

Fish Wise Program & Kids Marine Zone

Through fishing and using environmentally sustainable practices, 2 Bent Rods connects people, mainly children, with nature. Children are educated about the ocean and the need for a holistic approach to care for the waterways.

2 Bent Rods operate the Fishwise Program for school vacation care and youth groups as well as the Kids Marine Zone at major Brisbane fishing related shows. In 2010, the Kids Marine Zone had in excess of 2200 children attend the free clinics at three events.

The Fishwise program consists of a visit to the school as well as a beach excursion where children learn the basics of shore based fishing. Children learn how to read the beach, see what fish and other creatures are in the area and the importance of having a mangrove system as a breeding ground.

The program teaches children the reality of what will happen if they don't dispose of their rubbish properly and gives them a better understanding and willingness to keep our waterways clean.