Healthy Land and Water is dedicated to the care of our unique and beautiful land, waterways and biodiversity.


Our Clean Up program collects over 250,000 pieces of litter every year, helping to keep our SEQ waterways clean. 


Over 4,000 landowners have now registered for the Land for Wildlife program, helping to preserve our natural assets. 


More than 900 hectares of land was treated for weed control under our vegetation management programs in 2016.


In 2016, flood resilience solutions were applied to more than 63 kilometres of stream bank, helping to keep our waterways strong. 


SEQ Catchments Members Association

Formed in 2009, the South East Queensland Catchments Members Association (SEQCMA) is an alliance between community, government and industry focused on finding solutions to issues affecting the natural assets of South East Queensland. SEQCMA is an owner/member of Healthy Land and Water and works closely with our project teams to identify and develop solutions that build resilience into our region’s natural environments. The association’s purpose is to bring many elements of the community together as one loud voice in the mission to protect, restore and aid our lands, forests, bushland, waterways, wetlands and coastal regions.

With over 200 members, SEQCMA is uniquely placed to effect meaningful change. Members include catchment and landcare groups, agriculture, tourism and local government bodies, Traditional Owners and individuals who are active in mobilising action and support for on-ground projects. Members of SEQCMA have the opportunity to provide input on management planning, prioritisation of activity and funding of projects to meet the long-term targets detailed in the SEQ Natural Resource Management Plan 2009-2031.

Download a list of SEQCMA members.

SEQCMA Executive Officers:

  • Margie Milgate - Chair
  • Narelle McCarthy - Deputy Chair
  • Bob Hampson - Treasurer
  • Phil Moran - Secretary


As a member

Members are organisations or individuals with an interest in natural resource management who can assist the association to achieve its aims. If you believe you or your organisation can contribute, you are encouraged to nominate to become part of SEQCMA.

As a board member

The board consists of member representatives, with a number of board members allocated to each of the ten member divisions. Contact the Executive Officers for more information or download the nomination form below if you are interested in joining the SEQCMA board. 

Download a nomination form.

For more information, please contact the SEQCMA Executive Officer team by email.